Outstanding Act Award | Quarter 1 2018 – Ropewalk Cleaning Team

Category – Service To Customer


Reason for Award;

On Thursday 1st March the Centre experienced severe weather conditions with heavy snow falling combined with strong winds, as the Centre is not fully enclosed there is a gap at the top of the roof that snow and rain can enter.

Due to the wind direction a large amount of snow drifted into the Centre covering parts of the mall and fixtures, the cleaning team had to work very hard to maintain a safe environment for our visitors and staff, members of the team worked all afternoon constantly clearing falling snow from the bridge and at times they were fighting a losing battle as the snow was laying faster than they could clear it.

The following morning the team arrived to drifting snow on the mall and covering the bridge area, there was also a large area of the mall that was frozen and had to be thawed out and cleared, in total the team removed 52 buckets of snow from the mall to make the area safe before the Centre opened, once the mall had been made safe the team then turned their attention to the external areas to ensure that the service yards were made safe for the deliveries.

I think that this was a monumental effort from the team and they dealt with the incident fantastically,

I have never seen a weather event like this in the 12 years that the Centre has been open. I have attached photos to support this nomination on the following pages.


Outstanding Act Award | Quarter 4 2017 – Ropewalk Cleaning Team

Category – Service To Customer


Reason for nomination

On Saturday 7th October at 18:00hrs Gavin Jones and Josh Fleming were on the mall locking up the Centre when a member of staff from TK Maxx came running over.

The member of staff was in a bit of a panic and informed us that there was a female in the store that had picked up a large knife from the display and was saying that she needed to kill the evil spirits. Gavin and Josh quickly made their way to the store and told the staff to move to the opposite end of the store to the female.

The female was located, and she had the knife in her left hand that was still in the packaging, the female was very large and was not communicating other than to say that she wanted to cut somebody’s heart out.

Gavin called 999 whilst Josh monitored the female from a distance, Gavin stayed on the phone to the Police throughout, but the female was moving slowly towards the entrance of TK Maxx, Gavin discussed with the call handler options and he decided that as there were members of the public on the mall that if she tried to leave store an attempt would be made to disarm her, the call handler agreed with this but said to keep the line open.

The female did come to the entrance of the store but was distracted by Josh, Gavin took the opportunity to grab her arm and take the knife away from her, she did not put up any resistance and then stood with us until the Police arrived a few minutes later. The female was then detained under section 136 of the mental health act, the Police informed us that she had walked out of the hospital after taking an overdose earlier in the day and that they had been looking for her.

Outstanding Act Award | Quarter 1 2018 – Ropewalk Cleaning Team

Category – Service To Customer


Reason for Award;

On the 20th March at 11:18hrs a male was observed by Gavin & Matthew looking at a bike locked up outside of Pure Gym, the male then entered the Centre with a hood up and a scarf around his face.

Gavin notified Josh in the Control Room and he started to monitor the male, the male left out of the other entrance on Dugdale Street and looked at another bike in the bike racks. The male then went into a building in Dugdale Street and was joined by another male.

Both males left the building and made their way over to the bike racks where the first male ripped the lock of the bike and jumped on it, Josh informed Gavin & Matt and they gave chase aided by a member of the public and they managed to recover the bike. The offender made off and was later arrested by the Police, the town has had a lot of bike thefts and this was a great opportunity to identify the offenders and hopefully recover some of the stolen bikes.

The owner of the recovered bike made himself known to Security and was extremely grateful that we had recovered his bike as it was worth over £400, he was a customer of Pure Gym.

The team were also congratulated by the town PCSO’s as this arrest could help them to end the spate of recent bike thefts in the town.

Outstanding Act Award | Quarter 1 2018 – Ropewalk Cleaning Team

Category – Service To Customer

Reason for Award;

On Saturday 3rd February 2018 at 16:50hrs a female was monitored on the upper floor leaning over the bridge, the female appeared to be under the influence of drink or drugs.

Before she could be approached by Security she was joined by a male who also looked unsteady on his feet, the couple made their way across the bridge towards the lobby area, Gavin monitored them on CCTV while Matthew observed them from the Reception area.

Surprisingly Matthew monitored the couple go to the Car Park pay machines which was alarming as they both appeared intoxicated, John straight away notified the town CCTV and Police units and Matthew followed the couple into the car park and down to level 2.

NT62 a Police Community Support Officer made his way over to the car park and radioed a traffic unit who was nearby, Matthew and John identified the vehicle that the couple got into and Gavin on Control passed this on to the Police unit and the town CCTV. Once the vehicle left the car park a Police vehicle got behind it on the ring road and pulled it over, the male driver was arrested immediately and took to the Police station, we were later informed that the driver had got previous convictions for drink driving.

The team were praised by the Police for their actions as this male could well have caused a serious accident.

Outstanding Act Award | Quarter 1 2018 – Gavin Jones, Matthew Lamb and Josh Fleming

Category – Outstanding Act Award


  • Reason for Awards;


  • On 20th March at 13:37hrs the Control Room were informed by Roman Originals that a group of Romanian females had entered their staff area and taken a member of staff’s handbag, Matthew and Josh attended the store and obtained a description, the description was passed to Gavin in Control who started to do a CCTV review. Gavin soon identified the offenders and informed the town centre CCTV what direction the offenders had gone, Gavin then started a further review to find when the offenders had entered the Centre as they would have been caught on the entrance HD cameras. After some time, Gavin found the group entering the Centre via the car park and took HD CCTV stills that were then email to the Police.


  • The Police confirmed that the same group of females had committed further offences in the town and that they were looking for them. At 15:15hrs whilst on patrol Matthew and Josh saw the same group of females enter the Centre and go into the side of Poundland, Gavin informed the town CCTV who radioed Police units. Gavin monitored the side door of Poundland on CCTV whilst the town CCTV monitored the front door, when the Police units arrived Matthew and Josh entered Poundland with the officers and all four females were arrested. The Police returned at 17:45hrs and Gavin burnt all of the evidence to disk, the Police informed us that one of the females had a phone on her that didn’t belong to her, this was the phone that was taken from the lady from Roman Originals who was extremely grateful to have it returned to her despite losing her handbag and purse. The Security team were later praised and thanked by the manager of Roman Originals.


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